La Tramuntana: trailer

Project: La Tramuntana

Authors: Alexander Cabeza Trigg

Trailer for the film La Tramuntana (2020).


La Tramuntana is a project that explores the tramuntana wind, a northerly wind that blows most predominantly in the region of the Empordà, in Catalunya, through experiences and stories of people from the region with whom I have established a relationship. These narratives of the wind have been the starting point of a collaboration with them and were re-discovered through play and co-imagination. This has allowed me to reflect on the different ways of relating to this enigmatic wind beyond the stereotypes and has been a way to delve into the imaginative worlds of the storytellers. From the wind being a woman who lives in a transparent box to a childhood memory that involves salty oranges, these stories reflect the ways in which we try to relate and comprehend this elusive force. Photographs and films have been a way of exploring these stories together with the storytellers, delving into a less descriptive, more improvised, shared documentary practice.


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